High Decibel - Louder Than Hell - Featuring W. S. Cool (Wesley S. Boyd), starving, non-talented, pathetic, rock and roll musician;  Free MP3 music Downloads.

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Louder Than Hell 



W. S. Cool

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Free Music Downloads from a Starving Musician!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  High Decibel assumes no liability for permanent hearing loss caused by the re-creation of High Decibel's music at damaging sound pressure levels.


W. S. Cool

W. S. Cool is primarily known as a non-talented, pathetic, rock and roll musician.   Many say he is tone deaf and his music is flat out loud and obnoxious; thus, deafening and High Decibel.  Others believe he is a talented mild musician who calms dinner crowds at piano bars.  What do you think?

Fan E-Mail:  wscool(REMOVE)@highdecibel.com


High Decibel Recording Studio uses K&K Sound products on all acoustic instruments.  The product tonal quality is phenomenal when  comparisons are made against the cheap sounding stuff everyone else makes! Click on the logo at the left and check out their online audio demos, you'll never buy anything else.  No, they don't pay me for this ad, I'm assisting you musicians with some serious wisdom when it comes to component selection.


High Decibel - Recording Studio

The High Decibel recording studio is world renown for never producing a single platinum album.   Due to lack of funding, the studio contains 50-year old vintage recording equipment.  Tapes from 1954 are still in use today.  Much of the magnetic oxide has worn from the surface of the studio's recorder tapes causing extreme loss in fidelity.


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