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Louder Than Hell 



W. S. Cool

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Web Site Credits

High Decibel Recording Studio uses K&K Sound products on all acoustic instruments.  The product tonal quality is phenomenal when  comparisons are made against the cheap sounding stuff everyone else makes! Click on the logo at the left and check out their online audio demos, you'll never buy anything else.  No, they don't pay me for this ad, I'm assisting you musicians with some serious wisdom when it comes to component selection.


1.  A special thank you to www.ziggyhost.com where they support my web site via their website host services.  I pay a very fair price for an excellent service.  I highly recommend that you check out their services.  The service is excellent, easy to use, and the up time is unparalleled.  The only contact I felt necessary to have with this company, was praise associated with their service.

2.  A special thank you to www.cakewalk.com for creating Home Studio 2004.  This is a phenomenal home studio/recording software package which I purchased for less than $100.00 at www.amazon.com.

3.  A special thank you to www.m-audio.com for the technology they developed in their M-Audio, Audiophile 2496, sound card which resides inside my computer.   The audio card, which has phenomenal specifications, is fed directly by my 16 channel stereo mixing console.