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W. S. Cool

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W. S. Cool "Music Coming Soon"

Copyright - in Process

W. S. Cool  

Second Best


Written, performed and recorded by W. S. Cool.  Written in 1985 and recorded on May 7, 2006. 
George Rollow Shelter From the Storm Written and performed by George Rollow at the High Decibel Recording Studio.  Background vocals by W. S. Cool.
A Blues Standard in Music Stormy Monday

Performed by George Rollow at the High Decibel Recording Studio.

Alex (W. S. Cool's Nephew) Turn It All Around

Punk Rock Music - Written, Performed, and Recorded by Alex, a drummer from Kansas City.  What else do you do at Uncle W. S. Cool's place?  You record!

The Calamities

Please contact W. S. Cool.

She Loves Me - She Hates Me

(Lyrics Are Offensive)

This song is absolutely the worst home studio recording that W. S. Cool has ever heard in his life.  It came from www.download.com.  

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