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Copyright Your Work! http://www.copyright.gov/ Do you need to copyright your work?  The answer is probably yes if your tunes are decent.  If you're from the US, this link will assist you in obtaining a copyright for your songs.  Make sure you fully understand the difference between form SR and form PA. And by the way, welcome to the world of the FEDS.   
Band - "Rusty Nutz" www.rustynutz.com Here is a great band offering no apologies. Ran into Mark, the rhythm guitar player for the band, on an Airplane to Atlanta.  I thought I ran into a mirror image of myself.  I've never met a guy so anal retentive (compared to myself), when it comes to music equipment, live sound equipment, and sound reproduction.  I asked how they got their "Band" name.  As I understand it, a bunch of mid 70's HS grads reformed and said that they were pretty rusty.  One of the members said that they must be nuts to do this.  Therefore, the formation of Rusty Nutz.  Bunch of neat guys.  Check out their web site.
Band - Southbound http://members.cox.net/southbound/ An e-mail friend, Bottle Neck Dave, actually owns a Gibson L5-S guitar (Cherry Sun-Burst, just like mine).  Few are as musically brilliant as Dave.  The band is located in L.A.
Musicians Demo Site - A place to be found?

W. S. Cool:  I spent a lot of time on Hollywood and Vine; and I was never found.

www.soundclick.com This is a site where numerous musicians post their work so they can be heard.  Not sure of the arrangements placed upon the musician by the company, if a contract is signed.  My advice, read the fine print.  Some excellent music to listen to at this location.
Musicians Demo Site - A place to be found?  



Another site where numerous musicians post their work so they can be heard.  Song downloads are free.  However, this site charges the musicians who post their songs a service fee.  I have enjoyed being a user, only, at this site.  See what everyone else is creating.