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W. S. Cool

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The Story About W. S. Cool

W. S. Cool is an Electrical Engineer who graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1984.  He played at various night clubs throughout his college days in Norman, OK.  He has always had a love for music, especially, modern rock and roll.  Sparing non-utilization of personal talent, W. S. Cool has sang in his church choir for the past six years.

After marrying a beautiful bride in 1988 (only God knows how he rated to obtain a woman so beautiful), he began to settle down a bit.  He never played music professionally again.  He only played in the home setting and dreamed about playing music professionally again.  

W. S. Cool's bride is an Oncology Nurse, who to this day, continues to have a positive impact and positive influence; on and in people's lives.  W. S. Cool and Diane have 2 daughters (Liz and Lauren), ages 20 and 17. 

It is the wrecking crew!  Nothing like a loving family.  Sorry Liz, you did not make this picture.

Who says you can't do house work and look good?  Di is doing a splendid job. Photo taken in 2009.  Not sure what the event was.

W. S. Cool and Diane have a weakness for German Shepherds.  This is our latest addition to protect the property.  Bella loves her little swimming pool. 

Liz's historical claim to fame is that she will never move out of the house until she is 35 years of age. 

Then crazy things happened.  Liz moved on to Stillwater, Oklahoma, and now attends Oklahoma State University.  It has been real difficult for W. S. Cool, a University of Oklahoma graduate, to adapt.  Sometimes you can't compete with a boyfriend.  


Lauren's demonstration of fame is her work for the poor and assisting the less fortunate.  Lauren has assisted in painting a house for the elderly. She recently worked with a group of teenagers to make blankets for the homeless, for the Jesus House, in Oklahoma City.

W. S. Cool turned out to be a dependable father and continues a professional career as a communications engineer.  Being an avid jogger, W. S. Cool ran more that 10,000 miles which included numerous road races.  The highlight of his running career included 2 marathons which was a great indication that Mid-Life Crisis was right on track.  In August of 2002, W. S. Cool sustained permanent injury of the hips (osteoarthritis).

As addicted joggers are aware, this permanent injury caused a degree of anguish.  Going back into his mental history of excellent past times, W. S. Cool desired to play music again.  The girls became older and no longer required constant attention.  They became more independent when it came to taking care of themselves and their studies.   So, W. S. Cool revamped his home recording studio and created High Decibel dot Com.   The High Decibel web site allows people to hear his music.  He always had a life-long goal of "Cutting an Album".  He notes that technology has changed and they now call them CDs.